Hey there, folks!

20170110_054902 I know I’ve been away for awhile and I apologize. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks finishing up a few details for the game and squash bugs (although I know they’re still possibly lurking in there somewhere!) So far, I have an Alpha (playable, showing off systems, assets, etc) for consumption.

Honestly, I was a bit scared to do this! 20170214_090245 The first time I released a demo, it didn’t go well and I didn’t really feel up to another round of criticism. But you know what, I put on my big-boy pants, nutted up and took a chance. I feel like things will be much more different this time, as I’ve put in more time and effort into this. I’ll let the players decide how the game stacks up!


Monstructs Alpha Demo.exe 268 MB
Nov 28, 2017

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